the problem with rich people is that i am not one

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i must have missed this episode of teen wolf

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Or only to wake and hide your face?

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Pros and Cons of long hair



  • you can use it as a fur coat in the winter


  • summer
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story time when i was 16 my mom and i were watching ellen and my mom says 

‘oh look my favorite lesbian!’

and i said ‘i thought i was your favorite lesbian?’

and she just stared at me for a moment and said 

‘oh ok. ‘

and we just continued watching 

and thats how i came out to my mother

Fucking A Star.

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Whether you like him or not? We should all applaud the sass. Bullying isn’t cool and cancer isn’t a joke nor something you should wish on anyone.

the ‘kluvyabye’ is the best part

my favourite person on the planet being the sassiest shit 

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Posey: first time I heard the song Rude by Magic I texted Dylan "We need to start a reggae babe"
Dylan: And I didn't realize he meant reggae band, so I texted him back "Alright babe."
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this oatmeal has god damn dinosaur eggs in it and then when you cook it THE DINOSAURS FUCKIN HATCH IM SO PUMPED

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more thats so raven here

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